Workshops and Retreats 2019

Workshops and retreat weekends are offered to women of all ages who want to challenge and nurture themselves physically, mentally, psychologically and spiritually. Join a small group of women in a mountain setting with breathtaking vistas. This is an opportunity for fun and adventure, as well as solitude and rest.    

Women in Focus Fall Retreat :   "Making Sense of Transitions"      Saturday,  November 9, 2019     9:00-12:00

Sometimes it feels like we are always in transition: switching jobs, moving, leaving school, becoming a new parent or an empty nester,  retiring,  relationship changes or loss, an unexpected illness, or a chronic health condition. Join a small group of women and learn the three stages of transitions.Understand  the turmoil and opportunities in your particular transition and determine actions you can take to cope better and feel more in control of your life.   

For additional information and to register call: 970-819-8507                                                                                                                

Winter  Focus Group:    "40 Secrets to Successfully Aging!"   Four consecutive evenings 7-8:30pm  Dates to be announced

No matter what your age, consider joining a small group of women to reflect on the many aspects of aging:  the purposes and concerns, the struggles and surprises, the potential and joys. Forty secrets will be shared and discussed!  A whole new life is yours for the making as you age.  Don't miss the opportunity to grow MORE FULLY ALIVE than ever!

For additional information and to register call  970-819-8507                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Retreats and Workshops Previously Offered and Available Upon Request:

Say GoodBye (and Good Riddance) to Self Defeating Behaviors!
Many women wrestle with SDB’s like procrastination, perfectionism, inferiority, anxiety, excessive worry, overeating, unsatisfactory relationships. The list goes on. This one day program is entertaining, insightful, and a mini course in how commonly practiced SDBs develop, how we maintain them, and practical techniques to eliminate them!

Are You Living The Life You Were Meant to Live?
No matter what your age or life circumstances, take this opportunity to reconnect with your potential, your sense of purpose, your deepest desires and untapped joy! This retreat will inspire and motivate you as you discover what needs to shift in your life RIGHT NOW in order for you to live the life you were born to live!

It’s A Matter of BALANCE!
Do you have a case of the “O’s”? Overwhelmed, Overcommitted, Out of sorts? Take time out to relax, have fun, and set priorities you can live by. Yes, you do have the hours to do this!

Silent Passages: A Guided experience of Silence, Rest, Revewal
There are times in every woman's life when a retreat from the usual routines and responsibilities is necessary to renew the body and soul. Whether you attend a day long or weekend program you will be amazed at the peace you feel and the energy you will bring back to your daily life.

Fearless Aging!
Join other women over 40 for a fun and informative workshop! Examine your beliefs and attitudes about aging  as you explore the choices before you and make life giving choices which will leave you confident and empowered!

SISTER to SISTER Adventure
Interested in a shared weekend adventure with your sister? Experience fun and challenges together as you discover unexpected things about each other and ways of enhancing this lifelong relationship.

Custom Group Workshops and Retreats
Looking for that special weekend for the women in your life? You dream it - I’ll create it for you.

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"Making Sense of Transitions" 

November 9, 2019


”40 Secrets to Successful Aging”

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